Janam Kundli by Birth Date Time and Place

What is Janam Kundli?
Birth Chart Astrology?

Janam Kundli by Birth Date Time and Place, also known as birth chart or natal chart, is a graphical representation of the planetary positions, stars and other celestial bodies and angles at the time of your birth. It is based on the principles of Kundli Shastra from Vedic astrology, which is an ancient and scientific system of astrology that originated in India. By reading Birth Chart can reveal a lot about your personality, traits, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges, and destiny. It can also help you to understand your past karma, present situation, and future potential.

Birth Chart Astrology is divided into 12 houses, each representing a different aspect of life, such as health, wealth, career, marriage, children, etc. Each house is also associated with a zodiac sign and a planet that rules it. The placement of the planets in the houses and their aspects (angles) with each other form the basis of kundli analysis.

Use your Janam Kundli (Birth Chart) for future predictions

Your Janam Kundli is like a blueprint of your destiny that shows your future predictions what you can expect from life and how you can make the best use of birth chart astrology. By analyzing your Janam Kundli by Birth Date Time and Place, you can gain insights into various aspects of your life such as:

  • Know yourself better and discover your true purpose in your life personality traits, talents, skills and interests
  • Make wise decisions and choices in various aspects of life such as career, education, marriage, business, health, etc.
  • Plan your future and prepare for the upcoming events and situations like marriage compatibility, love life and family relationships.
  • Avoid the obstacles and difficulties that may arise in your life and overcome your negative tendencies or challenges.
  • Enhance your positive qualities such as health condition, physical appearance, longevity, etc.
  • you can achieve your goals like career prospects, education, wealth potential, etc. and fulfill your dreams. 
  • Attain happiness, peace, spiritual growth, religious inclination, karmic lessons and prosperity in life.

How to Get Your Janam Kundli?

To get your Janam Kundli, you need to provide your accurate birth details such as date, time, and place of birth. These details are essential to calculate the exact position and movement of the planets and stars at the moment of your birth.

  • Basic information such as name, gender, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, etc.
  • Lagna or ascendant, which is the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. It represents your self, personality, appearance, and outlook.
  • Rashi or moon sign, which is the sign where the moon was placed at the time of your birth. It represents your mind, emotions, intuition, and subconscious.
  • Nakshatra or star constellation, which is the group of stars where the moon was placed at the time of your birth. It represents your nature, characteristics, talents, and skills.
  • Bhava or house, which is the division of the zodiac into 12 segments, each representing a different area of life such as self, family, wealth, education, career, marriage, etc.
  • Graha or planet, which is the celestial body that influences your life in various ways depending on its position, aspect, and relation with other planets and houses.
  • Dasha or planetary period, which is the cycle of the planets that governs your life events and experiences. It shows the major and minor phases of your life and their effects on you.
  • Yog or planetary combination, which is the special configuration of the planets that creates a specific effect or result in your life. It can be beneficial or malefic depending on the nature and quality of the planets involved.
  • Dosha or planetary affliction, which is the negative influence of the planets that causes problems or difficulties in your life. It can be reduced or removed by performing certain remedies or rituals.

How to read your kundli? janam kundli kaise dekhe?

To read your Janam Kundli, you need to have some basic knowledge of Vedic astrology and its concepts. You can also consult a professional astrologer or pandit who can interpret your Janam Kundli and give you accurate and personalized predictions and guidance. However, you can also get a general idea of your Janam Kundli by following these steps:

  • Look at the chart and identify the symbols and numbers that represent the signs, planets, houses, and nakshatras.
  • Find out your lagna, rashi, and nakshatra by looking at the first, fifth, and ninth houses respectively.
  • Analyze the position and strength of the planets in different signs and houses and their aspects and relations with each other.
  • Check the dasha and antardasha of the planets and their effects on your life events and situations.
  • Identify the yog and dosha in your chart and their effects on your life prospects and challenges.
  • Apply the principles and rules of Vedic astrology to make predictions and recommendations for your life.

How to Use Your Janam Kundli for Future Predictions?

Your Janam Kundli can help you to make future predictions by using various methods and techniques of Vedic astrology such as:

  • Transit or gochar, which is the current movement and position of the planets and their effects on your natal chart and life.
  • Varshaphal or annual horoscope, which is the yearly prediction based on the solar return chart and the planetary periods.
  • Muhurat or auspicious time, which is the best time to start or perform any important activity or event in your life.
  • Prashna or horary, which is the answer to a specific question based on the chart cast at the time of asking the question.
  • Remedies or upay, which are the solutions or actions that can help you to overcome the problems or difficulties caused by the planets or dosha in your chart.

By knowing these aspects, you can plan your life accordingly and take appropriate actions to achieve your goals and overcome your obstacles. You can also use your kundli to find out the best time and direction for starting a new venture, buying a property, traveling abroad, etc.Your kundli is not a fixed fate that you have to accept blindly. It is a dynamic and flexible tool that you can use to shape your future according to your free will and choices. You can change your kundli by changing your attitude, behavior and actions. You can also use various remedies such as gemstones, mantras, yantras, donations, etc. to enhance the positive effects and reduce the negative effects of the planets in your kundli.

Kundli Shastra is a fascinating and powerful science that can help you to know yourself better and to create a better future for yourself. By getting your kundli and reading it with the help of an expert astrologer, you can unlock the secrets of your destiny and make the most of your life.If you want to get your kundli and consult a professional Vedic astrologer, you can visit our website Maa Meldi Upasak and book an appointment with us. We offer online and offline astrology services and guidance for all your life problems and queries. We also provide various astrological products such as gemstones, rudraksha, yantras, etc. to help you achieve success and happiness in life.We hope you enjoyed this blog post on Kundli Shastra and learned something new from it. If you did, please share it with your friends and family who might be interested in astrology. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get more updates on astrology, numerology, palmistry, tarot reading and more.

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